Read when you're feeling insecure

Hi beautiful! The first thing that I am going to ask you to do is to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself five things you love about yourself. It may seem like I am joking and there is no way this helps, but trust me, after you say those words out loud, you will feel a lot better. You are beautiful inside out and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If social media makes you feel insecure about yourself and your body, remember that almost everyone edits their photos and that influencers only put "the best" of themselves on there. I know what social media can do to you and you self-esteem. Try to not compare yourself to others - you are absolutely beautiful just the way you are and someone appreciates that. Play some music that makes you feel like you're the main character and put on your favourite outfit - dance around the room, sing out loud, go out with friends, anything that will make you feel better. Fall in love with yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being confident in yourself. You're strong and you got this. You are appreciated and loved, never forget that. I love you.  ♡