February Favourites

Sunday, 28 February 2021

 During February I ordered a few new make-up products to try out. I used them almost every other day and they became a part of my make-up routine. I decided to share them because I feel like every single product that I'm going to share with you is genuinely a good purchase (and not an expensive one). 

Also, all the links and prices of products are listed at the end of the post so you can easily get access to them without researching! 

Let's start with the base. The Ordinary High-Speadability Fluid Primer is so so good! I bought it back in January but didn't want to make any assumptions until now cause I wanted to see the results, and let me tell you, the results are amazing! Honestly, this is one of the best primers I've ever used. It makes my skin really soft and smooth, the foundation is really easy to apply after this primer and I love how it is kind of matt but leaves a glow. Like how? Amazing amazing amazing! Would recommend this product a 100%.

This next product I am in love with! It's a cream blush in a stick. I always used the powder blush and I hated it because it always looked to cakey and it just wasn't for me. I bought this blush stick a few weeks ago and have been in love ever since. As you can probably guess, I like more dewy looks rather than matt ones because they just look more natural to me and this blush does the trick to looking dewy! I am absolutely never using powder blush again. Such an amazing product and for such an amazing price. 

Now for the eyebrows. I always switch between brow pomade and pencils. I sometimes like my brows more with pomade and sometimes with the pencil. Ever since REFY came out I wanted a brow pencil and because REFY is definitely too expensive for me  I started to look for more affordable brow pencils. I came across Makeup Obsession "So Fine Brow" and I decided to try their pencil because the packaging looked really cute and the reviews were good. I love this pencil because it is really easy to apply and because you get the spoolie on the other end so you can brush them. If you're looking for brow pencil that is cheap I recommend this one because it does such a good job and is easy to use!

The eyes - my favourite part. I have two products that I want to talk to you about. First let's talk about the eyeliner. I have always been in a love/hate relationships with eyeliners. Probably because I never really knew how to do them and would randomly decide to "try it out" 10 minutes before I need to go out and it would usually end up with me taking my whole makeup off and deciding to stay at home because I am not in a mood anymore - only because I screwed up my eyeliner.. So don't be like me :)

Instead, buy an eyeliner and try doing it when you're bored and you'll learn, trust me. It took me 2 years to learn how to do it and even still I do it badly. With that being said, I decided to buy myself an eyeliner because I really want to start using it and for the last week I've been using this one almost every day and I really like it. I am taking about the "Awesome Double Flick Eyeliner" from Revolution Cosmetics. I recommend it because it has two applicators, one is thicker (I personally use that one more) and the other is thinner. It depends what kind of look you're going for but the thicker one is so much better for me because I find it easier to use than the thinner one - too much pressure for me with the thinner one. 

The last thing I'll be talking about is the mascara. Mascara is definitely one makeup product that I couldn't live without so I am really happy to share this one with you. I am talking about Maybelline Lash Sensational but waterproof one. I was trying to find this mascara for so long and I looked for it back when I was in Croatia and they did not have it anywhere but of course I found it in London. I originally saw the mascara in one of Flossie's videos and she recommended it so I decided to buy it. It really makes my lashes look fuller and it lifts them up so much. I once tried Lash Sensational but not the waterproof one and it straighten them so I was a bit sceptic about this purchase but I am so glad I did it. 

Tip: If you have a problem with lashes being straighten every time you apply mascara, try switching to the waterproof ones, they really do to trick! 

List of products:

The Ordinary "High Spreadability Fluid Primer" 30 ml - Price £5.50

Thank you for tuning in for this weeks post! I hope you enjoyed it! Comment down below if you use some of these products and also, what are you February favourites?

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Love, Bruna 


  1. I tried a lot from The ordinary and always loved it, but I had never tried their primers! Thank you for shariing x

    1. I recommend it a 100%. No worries, thank you for reading! :)


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