February Favourites

Sunday, 28 February 2021

 During February I ordered a few new make-up products to try out. I used them almost every other day and they became a part of my make-up routine. I decided to share them because I feel like every single product that I'm going to share with you is genuinely a good purchase (and not an expensive one). 

Also, all the links and prices of products are listed at the end of the post so you can easily get access to them without researching! 

Let's start with the base. The Ordinary High-Speadability Fluid Primer is so so good! I bought it back in January but didn't want to make any assumptions until now cause I wanted to see the results, and let me tell you, the results are amazing! Honestly, this is one of the best primers I've ever used. It makes my skin really soft and smooth, the foundation is really easy to apply after this primer and I love how it is kind of matt but leaves a glow. Like how? Amazing amazing amazing! Would recommend this product a 100%.

This next product I am in love with! It's a cream blush in a stick. I always used the powder blush and I hated it because it always looked to cakey and it just wasn't for me. I bought this blush stick a few weeks ago and have been in love ever since. As you can probably guess, I like more dewy looks rather than matt ones because they just look more natural to me and this blush does the trick to looking dewy! I am absolutely never using powder blush again. Such an amazing product and for such an amazing price. 

Now for the eyebrows. I always switch between brow pomade and pencils. I sometimes like my brows more with pomade and sometimes with the pencil. Ever since REFY came out I wanted a brow pencil and because REFY is definitely too expensive for me  I started to look for more affordable brow pencils. I came across Makeup Obsession "So Fine Brow" and I decided to try their pencil because the packaging looked really cute and the reviews were good. I love this pencil because it is really easy to apply and because you get the spoolie on the other end so you can brush them. If you're looking for brow pencil that is cheap I recommend this one because it does such a good job and is easy to use!

The eyes - my favourite part. I have two products that I want to talk to you about. First let's talk about the eyeliner. I have always been in a love/hate relationships with eyeliners. Probably because I never really knew how to do them and would randomly decide to "try it out" 10 minutes before I need to go out and it would usually end up with me taking my whole makeup off and deciding to stay at home because I am not in a mood anymore - only because I screwed up my eyeliner.. So don't be like me :)

Instead, buy an eyeliner and try doing it when you're bored and you'll learn, trust me. It took me 2 years to learn how to do it and even still I do it badly. With that being said, I decided to buy myself an eyeliner because I really want to start using it and for the last week I've been using this one almost every day and I really like it. I am taking about the "Awesome Double Flick Eyeliner" from Revolution Cosmetics. I recommend it because it has two applicators, one is thicker (I personally use that one more) and the other is thinner. It depends what kind of look you're going for but the thicker one is so much better for me because I find it easier to use than the thinner one - too much pressure for me with the thinner one. 

The last thing I'll be talking about is the mascara. Mascara is definitely one makeup product that I couldn't live without so I am really happy to share this one with you. I am talking about Maybelline Lash Sensational but waterproof one. I was trying to find this mascara for so long and I looked for it back when I was in Croatia and they did not have it anywhere but of course I found it in London. I originally saw the mascara in one of Flossie's videos and she recommended it so I decided to buy it. It really makes my lashes look fuller and it lifts them up so much. I once tried Lash Sensational but not the waterproof one and it straighten them so I was a bit sceptic about this purchase but I am so glad I did it. 

Tip: If you have a problem with lashes being straighten every time you apply mascara, try switching to the waterproof ones, they really do to trick! 

List of products:

The Ordinary "High Spreadability Fluid Primer" 30 ml - Price £5.50

Thank you for tuning in for this weeks post! I hope you enjoyed it! Comment down below if you use some of these products and also, what are you February favourites?

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Stay safe! Talk soon!

Love, Bruna 

19 things I've learned in 19 years

Friday, 19 February 2021

I am officially in the last year of being a teen. Can't believe that I am freaking 19 years old. So much has happened during the last year and I am just so excited to see what this last teen year brings me. 

With that being said, I decided to dedicate this post to 19 important things I learned in my 19 years.  

1. If you go after what you want, you'll get it (eventually)

As I mentioned in previous posts, I decided to go after my dreams. I always thought of myself as a dreamer so I decided to apply to study in London. I know that to some of you that doesn't seem like a big deal but trust me (a small town girl from Croatia), it means a lot.

2. Don't overthink

It's just that simple - overthinking kills your happiness. I am a person who overthinks every single thing and that has never brought me any good. I feel anxious and sad, my heart is just beating very fast and I can't breathe. I decided to stop because it was just slowing me down.

3. You shouldn't trust everyone

In the past years, I have made (and lost) a lot of friends and realized that I shouldn't talk to everyone about everything. I hate gossips and such, so now I just have a small circle of best friends who I tell everything.

4. Some friendship end and that's okay

As I mentioned, I had some friendships that didn't last. At first I felt sorry because I really thought we would be friends for a long time if not forever, but when you start high school you usually just go your own way and that's okay. No need to be sad about it.

5. Always make time for family

Family is the most important thing in the world. Trust me, I have been rude to my parents so many times and when I finally got over the puberty faze, I realised what I missed. My parents are the best and they deserve the world! 

6. Make connections

This is honestly so important for everyone. Don't be shy and not talk to people. If you have connections it is easier to find a job or an internship, easier to contact people if you need to ask them something and easier to make new friends. Today, connections mean everything!

7. You can't control everything

8. Don't be mean

9. Don't judge

I have judged people so many times and I can't stress this enough of how sorry I am because most of the time I didn't even know the real story. You never know what is going on inside their head and how much they struggle. Instead of judging, it's better to help or to leave the person alone.

10. Always do what feels right for you

Never say yes to anything that doesn't feel right. Always do what is best for you and never let someone else decide how you feel or what you want.

11. Be open-minded

I have always been open minded so I never had a problem with that. But I think that everyone needs to learn how to not get offensive when someone else criticizes their work or beliefs. I always love to hear what others think and of course if their arguments are better than mine and have more sense I am all for supporting that.

12. True friends will always be there for you

13. Know your worth

You know what you can accomplish. Don't ever think that you aren't worth somebody's attention. You are and don't stop on anyone's account except yours.

14. Make memories

I don't mean to just go out and have fun and post pictures on your Instagram Stories. Take photos, videos, but for yourself not for others. I mean, I don't see anything wrong with sharing that with your followers as long as it's real. 

15. Always be yourself

16. Stop worrying about what others think of you

If I still cared about what others think of me I wouldn't be doing this. I would be shy and would never follow my dreams. 

17. Grades aren't everything

Every parent and school says that if you don't have good grades that you won't be able to get a job. I totally disagree on that. I think that if you work hard enough for everything you want you will get it. By that, I don't mean that if you fail a subject you'll get what you want, but I also think that being an excellent student doesn't mean everything. I wasn't an excellent student in high school and on my graduation exams I got good grades and with the work that I wrote for university I got in. 

18. Love yourself

I have always been self-consious about being too thin and I hated my body for so long. I didn't want to wear dresses because "mY LeGs weRe To0 SkInNy". If you seem unhappy with your own body, others will see that also, but if you're confident others will see you as a confident person - that's a fact.

19. Love your life

The most important, is to live your life. We only have one so I say we make the most of it. Do whatever you want to do and don't let anyone stop you! We got this!

Thank you for reading this weeks post! Means a lot!

Comment what is the most important thing you've learned until now. 

I plan to start posting twice a week from now on, so stay tuned because the new post is coming soon!

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Stay safe.

Love, Bruna 

Podcasts I am listening to at the moment

Friday, 12 February 2021

I've never been the type to listen to podcasts because I found them boring. Ever since I moved to London (and have been stuck inside four walls) I decided to change my every day routine and give podcasts another try. 

I started to listen to a few and I am now obsessed with them. They make me feel like a part of the conversation and I listen to them when I get ready, when I'm on my phone or when I clean. Here are a few of my favourite podcasts so far and why you should listen to them!

1. We Bought a House with Claudia Sulewski and Finneas 

You might as well know that I am a BIG Claudia Sulewski fan. She is one of my favourite YouTubers and she is so pure and heart-warming. As you probably know, Finneas is a musician, he is a brother to one and only Billie Eilish. Claudia and Finneas are such a great duo and both are great talkers when it comes to this podcast. They talk about their everyday life and popular topics. They also talk about their hilarious adventures whether it has to do with their house, family, friends or their dog. If you're looking to listen something that is very entertaining, I would a 100% recommend this podcast.

2. Cheers, Brother!

The podcast Cheers, Brother! hosted by Sarah Baska and Caitlyn Rae is a new podcast that came out a few weeks ago. I've been waiting for this to come out for so long and I am so happy it's finally here. Both, Sarah and Caitlyn are YouTubers who are very adventurous and open to everything so they mostly talk about their pre-covid experiences (concerts, trips, Saturday nights) while taking shots or sipping on cocktails. Would recommend listening to their podcast and also taking a peak at some of their videos because the girls are hilarious! 

3. Anything Goes by Emma Chamberlain

The goddess, fashion icon, whatever you want to call her she is thriving everywhere - miss Emma Chamberlain. She is just so nice and weird at the same time (kind of relate to that) and that's what I love about her podcast. She is herself and is always so honest. She talks about everything - her emotions, challenges, adventures. I feel like she is the most relatable out of all people I listen to because she is my age and we have same issues sometimes. 

4. Zane and Heath: Unfiltered

As you may know, Zane and Heath are famous from Vine and also from David Dobrik's Vlogs. They created this entertaining podcast where they also talk about their stories, but they have guests almost every episode and just have a conversation with them. You probably know most guests like Stassie Baby, Tana Mongeau and such. They talk, play games, drink and make fun of each other. 

That's all for this weeks post! Hope you enjoyed! Tell me if you listen to any podcasts and if you do, which ones! I'd love to find more podcasts and listen to more of them.

Also let me know if you think I should post twice a week - I want to be more active.

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Talk to you soon! Stay safe!

Love, Bruna ♡