How I've been feeling lately ∣ Anxiety, overthinking, etc.

Sunday, 11 April 2021 London, UK

Lately, I’ve been feeling really anxious, sad and lonely. I decided to write this post to share my experience coping with these emotions and let others know that it is totally fine if you feel like this.

For the past couple of days, I noticed that I became really emotional and anxious. I cannot think straight - if I try to, I just overthink and I get scared and that tires me so much to the point where I just lay in bed most of the day and listen to music. Even though I have friends that I talk to on a regular basis, I feel lonely. I realized that this lockdown literally absorbed all my happy thoughts (wow I am just so great at explaining) and I feel really unmotivated – again.

I am really bothered with not being that much active on my blog as I want to because I love writing so much and I am so proud of myself for starting a blog, but every time I sit and open my laptop my mind goes blank, and I don’t know what to write about. Everything I write seems so superficial and it doesn’t feel right.

I talked to my friends and my family about my feelings, and they have all been so supporting that it made me feel a lot better because I know that this feeling will pass soon. I am so grateful for having such a supporting circle of people that really care about me.

I just wanted to write this short post to tell you that if you’re dealing with the same emotions, you are not alone. We all go through something and it is perfectly fine you feel like this. For me, it really helped talking to my family because they are always here for me so I would say try talking to someone you know and maybe getting help from a psychologist.

There is nothing to be ashamed of feeling this way and wanting help. This lockdown hasn’t been gentle on any of us, but you can be gentle to yourself and try staying positive. Doing some small tasks in a day can really help you, and I know that this sounds so dumb but always make your bed when you get up – tidy bed, tidy mind, like my mum says.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone you know, you can always message me – maybe we can help each other out, who knows. I am here to remind you that it will be fine, it won’t last forever, and you’ll feel better really soon.

I hope that with university starting tomorrow and me actually going to campus once a week will make me feel a lot better and that I'll start focusing on my blog exactly the way I want to.

Stay safe!

Love, Bruna 

Studying abroad - lectures, the process, everything you need to know

Tuesday, 6 April 2021 London, UK

One of the reasons why I decided to move to London and to study here is because of the people. I visited London two times before deciding to apply to study there and I knew that I am definitely, one day, going to live there. If  I'm being honest, I didn't believe it would come true this soon. 

People in London and in Croatia are very different. I can't stop comparing London and Croatia. Almost every single day I find myself comparing those two. In so many ways Croatia is better than living in London, but the same is for London being better than Croatia.  

Let's get onto this post!

Why London?

As I mentioned above, ever since I visited London I knew that I wanted to live there, at least for a while. I was once told that the best years in life are when you are going to university, so I just had a vision that going to uni in London is even better than being in my home country and studying there. Besides that, my brother lives in Manchester which isn't that far and even though I did look for colleges there, courses here in London were so much better and interesting. 

The whole process of applying

I don't know if anyone will find this helpful but if you're considering applying to the UK to study then have a read. I applied through a website UCAS. It is really easy to apply there - the website has everything that you wish to know more about and it has every university and its courses. You can apply to maximum of five universities and you need to pay a fee (if I remember correctly it was 25 GBP). You need to write your own kind of a cover letter and you need to find someone to write about your skills and why you deserve to study there - my reference was my English teacher from high school, she wrote a short essay about me and my personality, skills, etc. After you apply through that website, you wait for universities to contact you. 

After applying

So after I applied I waited for universities to respond. Some of them responded after a few days and some responded about a month after I sent out my application. Two universities wanted me to write an essay on given topics and other colleges gave me a conditional offer. If you're wondering what conditional offer is, it is literally what is says it is. It means that you are accepted to university if you get your overall grade above the one that they wish for. I got accepted to 4 out of 5 colleges but ever since I applied I knew which one I want to get in.

After I wrote the essays for the two universities, one of them rejected me, which was totally fine because it wasn't my first choice and the other asked me for an interview. I had an interview a few weeks later via Skype (it was for my first choice). The lady that interviewed me was so nice, she could see that I was really nervous and excited at the same time and we just talked about general topics. After the interview she told me that I would be a great fit to the course and that I am accepted if I meet the conditions. 

Besides passing my state exam, I needed to pass IELTS test. It is a test designed by British Council I think and you need to have that exam in order to study in the United Kingdom. Some universities don't need that test but mine did. The test consists of four parts: listening, reading, writing and speaking. I actually studied for this test more than the state exam because I heard from so many people that passing the IELTS is really hard. I got the exact same grade that I needed to get into university.


Now, as for the finances part. I applied for a tuition fee scholarship. I don't exactly remember how it's called but I know that 2020 was the last year that I could apply for a scholarship because I am not a UK citizen and the UK was exiting European Union at that time - so if I didn't get accepted, I would now be studying in Croatia. Universities are so expensive in the UK, that is something that no one tells you and they aren't even private. Thankfully, I passed everything exactly how I needed to so I don't have to worry to pay for my university until I finish it and get a full-time job. 

My first day at uni

I was sooo scared of starting university, mostly because of my English skills. I know how to speak English but I am so scared to speak in front of people so I was really nervous. I remember waking up really fucking early and I got ready in 30 minutes and ate and rushed to the station. I got there first. Yes, I was really early, I got there 30 minutes before I needed to. The day before, some of my colleagues and me went out for drinks so we can get to know each other better so I wasn't that scared of meeting people cause I already met most of them. I was so overwhelmed with the information we got on our first day and I was sure that there is no chance that I can survive this. Here I am now, I passed to subjects and I'm totally fine. 

Let's talk about the way of teaching

I can't stop comparing the way of teaching here in London and in Croatia. In Croatia, you need to know everything that is in the book and the theory is the most important thing you need to know. Here it couldn't be more far away. Of course there are some theory you need to know, but here everything is about reading, researching and practice. If you don't research enough you won't have enough evidence to support the arguments and here learning is actually fun. It is more creative here and you can express yourself without worrying someone will judge you. I just love London because no one here gives a damn about what you are doing, what are you wearing and with who are you with. That is something that I think will never change in some parts of Croatia - yes, I am talking about my home town. 

I am in no way bragging about studying abroad. I am just here to share my experience and help someone if they want to study abroad as me. This is just a friendly reminder that you can do absolutely everything you wish for if you work hard enough. 

If you have any more questions about studying in the UK and moving, I'd love to help you. I am always available on my Instagram so you can just send me a DM. 

Thank you for reading todays post! Hope to see you very soon!

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Stay safe!

Love, Bruna 

My morning routine as a fashion student

Wednesday, 24 March 2021 London, UK

I hope I am not the only one when I say that I absolutely adore watching morning routines on YouTube - I don't know what it is about them, I just find them really calming and relaxing to watch. These kind of videos always make me want to turn my life around and start waking up at 7 am even though I am 99% sure that will never happen. 

I decided to share my morning routine just so you can get a small peek of what a morning looks like living in London and being a fashion student (it's honestly not at all different than living anywhere else and studying something different - part of this is because of the pandemic :) so I have nothing to do in the mornings). 

Before I get onto the post, I'd just like to say that I'm sorry I've been MIA here. I had a lot of catching up to do with my university work and now that spring break is just around the corner, I can focus on both more - university and my blog.

8.00 am: Alarm goes off

I'm a 100% not a morning person (even though I try to be) but I (sometimes) like to wake up early. Usually when I wake up, I scroll through my phone a bit, answer some messages and I check my emails. 

8.20 - 9.00 am: Cleaning, skincare and coffee

After a 15,20 minute scroll through my phone, I get up and I make my bed. After that I change into something comfy - joggers and sweatshirt. Then I go to the bathroom and I wash my face with the Balea washing creme. After I do that, I go into my room and I do my everyday skin care routine.

The first product I put on my face is The Ordinary moisturizer "Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA". I've actually been using this product for a year now and I absolutely love it! It makes my skin so soft and silky and I think it really helps with blackheads and small scars. After that moisturizer, I use another one by Balea called Aqua Creme-Gel. This is super affordable in Croatia and it leaves me the glowy look I want. 

After my skin-care routine, I go into the kitchen and I make myself either a cappuccino or cocoa. I know, I know, who drinks cocoa in the morning? Well, I've been drinking cocoa in the morning since I started elementary school and my dad used to make it for me when I was younger (he makes the best god damn cocoa in the world) so I decided to continue the tradition here, all by myself, in London. 

9.00 - 9.45 am: Going through my planner, watching YouTube

After I get my hot cocoa, I sit on my desk and go through my planner. I write every task I need to do during the day and I write my notes and ideas there - usually blog post ideas and ideas for my uni work. The planner I am using is from Stradivarius and I am not exaggerating when I say that this brand has the best stationery supplies - cute and affordable (not sponsored lol I can only dream). 

After I do that, I just watch a few videos from my favourite youtubers. The ones I am loving at the moment are Claudia Sulewski (I think that my crush for this woman will never go away), Sophie Floyd, Sian Lilly.. Also can we talk about Hailey Baldwin Bieber starting her own YouTube channel? Literally in l-o-v-e.

9.45 am - 1 pm: Lectures, lectures, lectures..

From 9.45 to 10 am I just prepare for the lecture. I go through the notes and remind myself what we did last time and I check the website for any updates.

Because I am writing this post about my Monday mornings, I'll just mention that on Mondays I have Fashion Activism lecture that starts at 10 am and is until 1 pm. This is actually one of my favourite lectures so far because we're in groups and we have to do a lot of researching for brands which is so exciting! 

Thank you guys for tuning into todays post! I'll see you again on Sunday!

Comment below how your morning routine looks like and if it's similar like mine!

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Stay safe!

Love, Bruna 

How I became less involved with fast fashion

Sunday, 14 March 2021

Last time I wrote a post about fast fashion brands I was literally banned from Instagram and had to change the name of the blog lol - but I admit I was a little too harsh. Now that I have learned from my mistake, I decided to write (again) about fast fashion in my personal life and how it has affected me. 

Now if you didn't know by now, fast fashion is a mass-producing fashion industry that sells clothes for inexpensive prices. To name a few fast fashion brands: Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, Stradivarius, Zara and so on and so on..

Today, I'll be sharing with you how I slowed down myself from buying fast-fashion clothes. Just to clarify myself a little bit more - I didn't stop buying from them. I still sometimes buy from fast fashion brands but I definitely slowed down and now I realize how bad they are for the environment. My goal is to 100% buy sustainable clothing and I am working towards that goal, but it is a long process and I am still learning.

With that being said, let's get onto this post!


If you care about the environment (who doesn't?) you should definitely research more about the brands you're buying from. I know that their new clothing line seems really cute, but what is going on behind the curtains? This is something that I have never done until I started my course. I am beyond grateful for starting to see the "real thing" than to keep purchasing and purchasing from brands that aren't sustainable.


No, I do not mean to check the price of a piece of clothing haha. I mean to check from which fabric and textile is the clothing made from. This has helped me a lot in terms of guilt because when I go to the fast-fashion store I don't feel as guilty as I would. I am always checking the tags to see what is it made from. Here are some of the fabrics that are sustainable: organic cotton, hemp, organic linen - anything organic really, or recycled. Just a little thing I researched because I was interested to know if it is sustainable or not - polyester. Now polyester is nowadays used in so much clothes and is not good for the environment at all (it's not biodegradable). I would recommend looking out for polyester because it is proven to be one of the worst fabrics for the environment. 


Not me wanting to write this paragraph just to flex on my new second-hand white Converse. Anyways... I must admit a huge part of this is thanks to my mum. She has been buying second-hand clothing for at least 10 years now and I loved going to thrift shops with her cause I would always find some boujee brands there. Now that I am in London (and stuck in lockdown) I buy from Depop. I never really used Depop before (I have but the Croatian version of it - MojeKrpice) but I find it really easy to operate and really easy to find what you are looking for. I recently just bought white low Converse that I have wanted for sooo long but didn't want to pay £50 for them so I found one pair for only £6. I feel like this is such a good way for not only being sustainable but to also save a lot of money and even earn some if you decide to sell something you're not wearing anymore.


This goes without saying. Small businesses are in need of support especially now during the pandemic because they can easily go out of business. I also think that they are more pleasant to talk to rather than to wait for heaven-knows-how-many hours to get in contact with customer support with big brands. Here are some of the small businesses you should follow: Grace Accessories Studio, Shandles, COVA, Sophie Maley, Grings.

Thank you for tuning into this post! Comment down below if you're sustainable in any way and what do you think about this post!

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See you soon! Stay safe!

Love, Bruna ♡

How I grew my page views in only a month

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

I cannot believe I’ve had this blog for over a month and in that little time I got over 2,000 views on it – seems ludicrous. I am so grateful for everyone who supports me and sends me messages and subscribes to my blog, you have no idea how much this all means to me!

Because of that I decided to share a few tips that helped me the most to get to 2,000 views in only a month and a week!

Without further ado, let’s get onto this post!


1. Social Media

You could’ve probably guessed that social media has a big influence on growing views, so I’ll just get on with it. The primary platform to me is Instagram. Every time I upload a post, I share it on my story and sometimes even make an Instagram post about it! Be sure to put the link to your page in your bio because most people who view my blog come from Instagram. The next platform I also use every time I post is Twitter. Now, some of you probably think that Twitter is so out of date, but I think it is such a good platform to grow an audience. I usually put up a link and tag other blogger platforms to retweet it so I can get more views. Besides those two socials, I link every post on Facebook! Also, when using Instagram and/or Twitter, don’t be afraid to use hashtags or to tag relevant people because it will get more views and more potential subscribers/followers!


2. Threads

Now, to some of you this is really unfamiliar, but it has helped me so much in the blogger community. To be more precise, I am talking about weekly/daily post threads. I mostly see them on Twitter but every now and then it can be found in groups on Facebook. Post threads are created by others blogger (can also be created by me) and you usually comment on the Tweet linking your blog and view other blogs and comment on them and they will return the comment. It is pretty simple to use and I’ve met so many talented bloggers using this and it really helps to grow views. Besides blog threads there are also Instagram threads where you link your Instagram account and also for Facebook and other platforms.



3. Mailing list

This is something very new to me so I am still learning on how to do it and what is the purpose of it but I find this so interesting and creative to do besides blogging. I am talking about the mailing list or an email subscription. By having this on your blog, you can create emails however you want and send them to your subscribers whenever you want – I usually do it when the new post comes out and when I have any updates or surprises! You can also do monthly round ups, freebies or templates – literally anything you want.

I personally use Flodesk for designing emails but as I said, I am really new to this so I’m not sure if it is the best website to use. Definitely research a little bit if you’re planning on adding this to your website.


4. Organisation

I know that to some of you this seems so bizarre – like, how does organization help in growing views and readers? Well, it’s quite simple. People find minimalistic websites more impressive rather than websites with too many colours, harder to navigate and harder to use. What I am trying to say is that minimalistic templates for blogs are much more attractive to viewers and much more effecting to grow the audience. When you think about it more, you’ll realize that you’ve probably done this already – did you ever followed an Instagram account because of the feed? It is the same for the blogs.


5. Facebook Groups

This engages meeting new bloggers, which is always a plus! I am currently in three Facebook groups that help with growing an audience either on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Blog! It has the same principles as threads. You comment below the post with the link to your socials and comment on others posts and they will return the favour! It is really simple to use, you just need to research a little bit to find those Facebook groups, but once you’re in, you’re it!


Thank you so much for reading this Wednesday's post! Comment down below if you're using some of these tips and which of those listed above you find most interesting! 

Talk to you very soon!

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Stay safe!


February Favourites

Sunday, 28 February 2021

 During February I ordered a few new make-up products to try out. I used them almost every other day and they became a part of my make-up routine. I decided to share them because I feel like every single product that I'm going to share with you is genuinely a good purchase (and not an expensive one). 

Also, all the links and prices of products are listed at the end of the post so you can easily get access to them without researching! 

Let's start with the base. The Ordinary High-Speadability Fluid Primer is so so good! I bought it back in January but didn't want to make any assumptions until now cause I wanted to see the results, and let me tell you, the results are amazing! Honestly, this is one of the best primers I've ever used. It makes my skin really soft and smooth, the foundation is really easy to apply after this primer and I love how it is kind of matt but leaves a glow. Like how? Amazing amazing amazing! Would recommend this product a 100%.

This next product I am in love with! It's a cream blush in a stick. I always used the powder blush and I hated it because it always looked to cakey and it just wasn't for me. I bought this blush stick a few weeks ago and have been in love ever since. As you can probably guess, I like more dewy looks rather than matt ones because they just look more natural to me and this blush does the trick to looking dewy! I am absolutely never using powder blush again. Such an amazing product and for such an amazing price. 

Now for the eyebrows. I always switch between brow pomade and pencils. I sometimes like my brows more with pomade and sometimes with the pencil. Ever since REFY came out I wanted a brow pencil and because REFY is definitely too expensive for me  I started to look for more affordable brow pencils. I came across Makeup Obsession "So Fine Brow" and I decided to try their pencil because the packaging looked really cute and the reviews were good. I love this pencil because it is really easy to apply and because you get the spoolie on the other end so you can brush them. If you're looking for brow pencil that is cheap I recommend this one because it does such a good job and is easy to use!

The eyes - my favourite part. I have two products that I want to talk to you about. First let's talk about the eyeliner. I have always been in a love/hate relationships with eyeliners. Probably because I never really knew how to do them and would randomly decide to "try it out" 10 minutes before I need to go out and it would usually end up with me taking my whole makeup off and deciding to stay at home because I am not in a mood anymore - only because I screwed up my eyeliner.. So don't be like me :)

Instead, buy an eyeliner and try doing it when you're bored and you'll learn, trust me. It took me 2 years to learn how to do it and even still I do it badly. With that being said, I decided to buy myself an eyeliner because I really want to start using it and for the last week I've been using this one almost every day and I really like it. I am taking about the "Awesome Double Flick Eyeliner" from Revolution Cosmetics. I recommend it because it has two applicators, one is thicker (I personally use that one more) and the other is thinner. It depends what kind of look you're going for but the thicker one is so much better for me because I find it easier to use than the thinner one - too much pressure for me with the thinner one. 

The last thing I'll be talking about is the mascara. Mascara is definitely one makeup product that I couldn't live without so I am really happy to share this one with you. I am talking about Maybelline Lash Sensational but waterproof one. I was trying to find this mascara for so long and I looked for it back when I was in Croatia and they did not have it anywhere but of course I found it in London. I originally saw the mascara in one of Flossie's videos and she recommended it so I decided to buy it. It really makes my lashes look fuller and it lifts them up so much. I once tried Lash Sensational but not the waterproof one and it straighten them so I was a bit sceptic about this purchase but I am so glad I did it. 

Tip: If you have a problem with lashes being straighten every time you apply mascara, try switching to the waterproof ones, they really do to trick! 

List of products:

The Ordinary "High Spreadability Fluid Primer" 30 ml - Price £5.50

Thank you for tuning in for this weeks post! I hope you enjoyed it! Comment down below if you use some of these products and also, what are you February favourites?

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Stay safe! Talk soon!

Love, Bruna 

19 things I've learned in 19 years

Friday, 19 February 2021

I am officially in the last year of being a teen. Can't believe that I am freaking 19 years old. So much has happened during the last year and I am just so excited to see what this last teen year brings me. 

With that being said, I decided to dedicate this post to 19 important things I learned in my 19 years.  

1. If you go after what you want, you'll get it (eventually)

As I mentioned in previous posts, I decided to go after my dreams. I always thought of myself as a dreamer so I decided to apply to study in London. I know that to some of you that doesn't seem like a big deal but trust me (a small town girl from Croatia), it means a lot.

2. Don't overthink

It's just that simple - overthinking kills your happiness. I am a person who overthinks every single thing and that has never brought me any good. I feel anxious and sad, my heart is just beating very fast and I can't breathe. I decided to stop because it was just slowing me down.

3. You shouldn't trust everyone

In the past years, I have made (and lost) a lot of friends and realized that I shouldn't talk to everyone about everything. I hate gossips and such, so now I just have a small circle of best friends who I tell everything.

4. Some friendship end and that's okay

As I mentioned, I had some friendships that didn't last. At first I felt sorry because I really thought we would be friends for a long time if not forever, but when you start high school you usually just go your own way and that's okay. No need to be sad about it.

5. Always make time for family

Family is the most important thing in the world. Trust me, I have been rude to my parents so many times and when I finally got over the puberty faze, I realised what I missed. My parents are the best and they deserve the world! 

6. Make connections

This is honestly so important for everyone. Don't be shy and not talk to people. If you have connections it is easier to find a job or an internship, easier to contact people if you need to ask them something and easier to make new friends. Today, connections mean everything!

7. You can't control everything

8. Don't be mean

9. Don't judge

I have judged people so many times and I can't stress this enough of how sorry I am because most of the time I didn't even know the real story. You never know what is going on inside their head and how much they struggle. Instead of judging, it's better to help or to leave the person alone.

10. Always do what feels right for you

Never say yes to anything that doesn't feel right. Always do what is best for you and never let someone else decide how you feel or what you want.

11. Be open-minded

I have always been open minded so I never had a problem with that. But I think that everyone needs to learn how to not get offensive when someone else criticizes their work or beliefs. I always love to hear what others think and of course if their arguments are better than mine and have more sense I am all for supporting that.

12. True friends will always be there for you

13. Know your worth

You know what you can accomplish. Don't ever think that you aren't worth somebody's attention. You are and don't stop on anyone's account except yours.

14. Make memories

I don't mean to just go out and have fun and post pictures on your Instagram Stories. Take photos, videos, but for yourself not for others. I mean, I don't see anything wrong with sharing that with your followers as long as it's real. 

15. Always be yourself

16. Stop worrying about what others think of you

If I still cared about what others think of me I wouldn't be doing this. I would be shy and would never follow my dreams. 

17. Grades aren't everything

Every parent and school says that if you don't have good grades that you won't be able to get a job. I totally disagree on that. I think that if you work hard enough for everything you want you will get it. By that, I don't mean that if you fail a subject you'll get what you want, but I also think that being an excellent student doesn't mean everything. I wasn't an excellent student in high school and on my graduation exams I got good grades and with the work that I wrote for university I got in. 

18. Love yourself

I have always been self-consious about being too thin and I hated my body for so long. I didn't want to wear dresses because "mY LeGs weRe To0 SkInNy". If you seem unhappy with your own body, others will see that also, but if you're confident others will see you as a confident person - that's a fact.

19. Love your life

The most important, is to live your life. We only have one so I say we make the most of it. Do whatever you want to do and don't let anyone stop you! We got this!

Thank you for reading this weeks post! Means a lot!

Comment what is the most important thing you've learned until now. 

I plan to start posting twice a week from now on, so stay tuned because the new post is coming soon!

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Stay safe.

Love, Bruna 

Podcasts I am listening to at the moment

Friday, 12 February 2021

I've never been the type to listen to podcasts because I found them boring. Ever since I moved to London (and have been stuck inside four walls) I decided to change my every day routine and give podcasts another try. 

I started to listen to a few and I am now obsessed with them. They make me feel like a part of the conversation and I listen to them when I get ready, when I'm on my phone or when I clean. Here are a few of my favourite podcasts so far and why you should listen to them!

1. We Bought a House with Claudia Sulewski and Finneas 

You might as well know that I am a BIG Claudia Sulewski fan. She is one of my favourite YouTubers and she is so pure and heart-warming. As you probably know, Finneas is a musician, he is a brother to one and only Billie Eilish. Claudia and Finneas are such a great duo and both are great talkers when it comes to this podcast. They talk about their everyday life and popular topics. They also talk about their hilarious adventures whether it has to do with their house, family, friends or their dog. If you're looking to listen something that is very entertaining, I would a 100% recommend this podcast.

2. Cheers, Brother!

The podcast Cheers, Brother! hosted by Sarah Baska and Caitlyn Rae is a new podcast that came out a few weeks ago. I've been waiting for this to come out for so long and I am so happy it's finally here. Both, Sarah and Caitlyn are YouTubers who are very adventurous and open to everything so they mostly talk about their pre-covid experiences (concerts, trips, Saturday nights) while taking shots or sipping on cocktails. Would recommend listening to their podcast and also taking a peak at some of their videos because the girls are hilarious! 

3. Anything Goes by Emma Chamberlain

The goddess, fashion icon, whatever you want to call her she is thriving everywhere - miss Emma Chamberlain. She is just so nice and weird at the same time (kind of relate to that) and that's what I love about her podcast. She is herself and is always so honest. She talks about everything - her emotions, challenges, adventures. I feel like she is the most relatable out of all people I listen to because she is my age and we have same issues sometimes. 

4. Zane and Heath: Unfiltered

As you may know, Zane and Heath are famous from Vine and also from David Dobrik's Vlogs. They created this entertaining podcast where they also talk about their stories, but they have guests almost every episode and just have a conversation with them. You probably know most guests like Stassie Baby, Tana Mongeau and such. They talk, play games, drink and make fun of each other. 

That's all for this weeks post! Hope you enjoyed! Tell me if you listen to any podcasts and if you do, which ones! I'd love to find more podcasts and listen to more of them.

Also let me know if you think I should post twice a week - I want to be more active.

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Talk to you soon! Stay safe!

Love, Bruna ♡


Thursday, 28 January 2021

As you all know, the United Kingdom is under its third national lockdown. I got back to London just two days before it went into lockdown and ever since, I've been feeling unmotivated.

Even though I'm doing my assignments for university every day, I still feel very emotional and uninspired. I still have a lot of work to get through and yet I still find myself binge-watching Friends which I watched at least five or six times.

Being in lockdown means being stuck between four falls and having minimal social interactions. Because of that, we are bound to feel unambitious at some point. 

What I want to accomplish with this post is to try and help some of you who may be struggling like myself. I started to run some "errands" around the house to keep myself busy and maintain positive. 

Don't be too hard on yourself if you feel a bit down some days. One of the best advice I've ever gotten is to never feel sorry for the way you feel. It is completely normal to feel this way and to do nothing. The most important thing to remember is that this feeling won't last forever. We just need to get through this hard part to get to the good days. "No rain, no flowers.". Remember that.

I'd have to say that being less on social media has helped me a lot. I've been focusing more on reading books and keeping myself busy rather than scrolling through Instagram for 2 hours and then spending 2 or 3 more on TikTok.

If you're struggling, I would recommend talking to someone. I always talk to my friends first when I'm overwhelmed and after the conversation I feel like the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. So always try and talk to someone. I wouldn't suggest keeping it all to yourself because that just leads to overthinking. There are a lot of people who can help you - parents, friends, university, mental health services (there will be a number down below to contact if you want to). You can always contact me if you're struggling and if you think that in any way I can be of help, I would love to help if needed so please indeed, contact me also. :)

Mental health is a priority and it is something that needs to be talked about. So let's talk about it!

I hope you enjoyed this short post about mental awareness. If you need someone to talk to here are some of the organisations that can be of help.

Mind - Phone: 0300 123 3393 to call, or text 86463
Samaritans - Phone: 116 123 (works 24 hours a day)
CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) - Helpline: 0800 58 58 58; Webchat:
Sane - call 07984 967 708 and leave a message, giving your first name and contact number

I hope I helped some of you!

I also apologise for my English as it isn't my first language.

See you very soon! Stay safe and healthy!

Love, Bruna 


Sunday, 24 January 2021 London, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

 Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first post! I decided to start my blog journey in a chill, get to know me type of way. As some of you may know, I already had like 10 blogs in the past but because of judgy people I was scared to post anything and just decided to stop - please don't do that, I honestly regret it now.

Well, without further ado let's get on with this post!

1. What is your full name?

My full name is Bruna Haller. My middle name is Helena.

2. What does your name mean?

Honestly, I googled it once before and I think that Bruna in Italian means brown. I am not a 100% sure. If you're Italian please clarify lol.

3. Are you named after anyone?

I am and it's so funny to me.. My parents, after they got married, went on a vacation in some small village near the coast and they met a waitress in a cafĂ© bar they were always going to while being there and the waitresses name was Bruna and they thought it was a really beautiful name and they decided to call their future child (me) that. I don't know why, I just find it so funny. 

4. Where are you from?

I am from a small town called Sisak in Croatia. I was born and raised there. :)

5. Who did you look up to while growing up?

I can't ever remember. At a young age, probably nobody, but when I started high school it was my parents. They are both the strongest people I know.

6. What is your biggest accomplishment?

Oh for sure it would have to be getting into my dream university and moving to London! Really proud of that one!

7.  What is your biggest regret?

As I said, I really regret being 'scared' of my peers in my hometown. They always judge and now I understand that it's always going to happen no matter what I do and that shouldn't stop me from accomplishing things in my life. 

8. What inspires you?

Most definitely imagining myself at my dream job. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to work in a Fashion Magazine and just imagining it really inspires me to work hard and to finish my degree and work my way up to the top.

9. What is the most important thing in your life?

My family. And by family yes I mean my parents but also my friends. Everyone is always there for me and they all give such good advice. They always support me and I just love them all sooo muchhh. <3

10. What is your favourite musical genre?

I listen to almost everything, but my favourite right now would have to be R&B. 

11. What is your favourite quote?

"If it comes, let it. If it goes, let it.". I have no idea who said that but it's really true. 

12. What is your favourite movie and your favourite TV show?

My favourite movie I think is Shutter Island (it's hard to choose because I have so many) and my favourite TV show is either Gilmore Girls or Friends.

13. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

I love both. I want to have both in the future but I want to have a cat while I live in a flat and later when starting a family I would like to have a dog.

14. Do you have a tattoo?

Yes, I have six of them and I plan to get more once everything goes back to normal.


15. What is your star sign?

I am an Aquarius but I honestly don't get all the buzz about star signs. 

16. What was your first job?

My first (and only) job I've ever had was a waitress. I worked as a waitress for a month and a half and then quit because the people I worked with were awful and I just wanted to have a good summer. 

17. Do you like reading books? 

I've never and I mean NEVER been the type to read books. I didn't even read the ones I needed to in high school just cause I found them boring but funny I say that, I am reading them know because being in college is harder than being in high school. :)

Yeah, so now I'm actually reading books for my university assignments and I am reading one for my personal enjoyment. It's called Such a Fun Age and it's by Kiley Reid. 

Also, one of my New Years resolutions is to read one book a month. I really want to start reading books more. 

18. What is your favourite song at the moment?

I think the one I am listening to the most right now is Streets by Doja Cat. 

19. What is your favourite social media platform?

I guess Instagram. It's a love/hate relationship.

20. What can everyone expect on this Blog?

I just plan to talk about trendy topics, what I do in a day and such. I will mostly talk about Fashion and Lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit. I plan to post at least once a week and sometimes twice when I have enough time. 

I also apologise for my English as it's not my first language!

Thanks so much to everyone who supports me, means a lot!

See you soon!

Love, Bruna ♡